Articles By David Magee

Magic/Bird on Broadway Review: NBA Greatness Hard to Replicate on Stage

On Broadway the new play "Magic/Bird" by Eric Simonson that opened last week fails to elicit the same type of emotion that makes for good theater. The 95-minute play (no intermission) is more at times like watching the first quarter of a Golden State-Seattle NBA game than watching a champi...

Nissan's Carlos Ghosn Betting Big On Electric Car

Nissan Motor Co.'s CEO Carlos Ghosn didn't kill the electric car. He's the man determined to make the electric car a new cultural and transportation revolution.

Apple Dividend Against Steve Jobs' Will, But Tim Cook Shows New Way

When the late Steve Jobs had a will, he often got his way. That's why Apple hasn't paid a dividend since 2005.

Gas Prices, Oil Prices Rise -- Talk of Another Recession: What's Ahead for U.S.?

Why is one professional observer so negative about America's short-term economic prospects?

US Gas Prices Soar on 'Fear Factor'; 'Sky is the Limit' if War Erupts

The United States at present has plenty of supply and only light demand, yet gas prices are steadily rising. Americans, while still addicted to oil, are driving more fuel-efficient cars, so why are there predictions of $5-a-gallon gas by year's end? The answer is fear -- mainly of war with Iran, a major oil producer.

Is Knicks Star Jeremy Lin Such a Big Surprise?

The sudden rise of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has stunned many inside the National Basketball Association and those who watch the league on a regular basis.

How Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks Took Manhattan on a Saturday Night

I went to Madison Square Garden on a Saturday night out of boredom. Nothing more. Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks changed all that. But more about how that happened in a moment.

New RIM CEO Heins Takes Control of Sinking Ship

Here's a good one you may not have heard unless you are a (disgruntled) Research in Motion investor. It's about new Research in Motion (RIM) CEO Thorsten Heins, and his insistence that there will be no drastic change at the struggling maker of BlackBerry.

Learning From the Costa Concordia Disaster: Cruise Ships Can Sink

Comfort of a frightened child was the ambition, but the Costa Concordia disaster has proven since the words untrue. Yes, it seems a tall and weighty cruise ship with the latest navigation systems and more amenities and luxuries than the highest-end homes can swamp, tip, and even sink.

Facebook Login: So Here's the Problem With Sign Up...

So many millions log into Facebook daily, if not perpetually. Many of the social network's 800 million-plus users don't even have to forge through the Facebook log-in simply because they never log out.