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Saudi Man Executed for Torturing Wife with Cigarette Butts and Iron Before Killing Her

A man in Saudi on Thursday was executed for torturing and strangling his wife to death, according to Saudi Gazette. Majed Abdulrahman Saleh Obeid, of Saudi nationality, was convicted for strangling his wife Noorah Muhammad Saad Al-Qabili after allegedly torturing her for a long time, the Interior Ministry said in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency.

Dead Sea Meets Mount Everest: Israel And Nepal Celebrate More Than 50 Years Of Good Relations

Nepal was one the earliest Asian countries to establish diplomatic relations with Israel –

Syria Is A 'Terrorist State': Turkey PM

Syrians continue to pour into Turkey – refugees now number nearly 80,000.

Mauritania Hands Over Ex-Spy Chief Senussi To Libya

Senussi fled Libya soon after the uprising that removed Gaddafi from power last year.

Iran Doubled Capacity At Nuclear Site: IAEA

Iran has repeatedly denied that it seeks to develop nuclear bombs.

Assad Rejects West’s ‘Buffer Zone’ Idea

Assad also sought to dispel rumors that he had fled Damascus in the wake of a July bomb attack.

Myanmar Cuts List Of Blacklisted Exiles By One-Third

A significant number of these exiles were activists, journalists and Buddhist monks who had protested against the military government.

Mombasa, Kenya Engulfed In Second Day Of Violence After Killing Of Islamic Preacher

Raila Odinga, the nation’s prime minister, has called for calm.

France Urges Syrian Opposition To Form Provisional Government

“France will recognize the provisional government of Syria once it is formed.”

On Egyptian Islamist President's Staff, A Woman And A Christian

The president also named the first 17 members of his advisory team.