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Russian Police Decide Not To Press Charges Against Factory Owners Who Kept Vietnamese Immigrants As ‘Slaves’

Russian police have decided not to press charges against the owners of a Moscow-area textile factory who had allegedly been keeping illegal Vietnamese immigrant workers at the plant as "slaves.”

Naples’ Mafia Boss Executed In Beach Resort

Gaetano Marino, 48, was executed outside a beach club, still wearing his swimsuit.

Australia To Boost Refugee Intake To Deter Smugglers

The Canberra government hopes that the measures will prevent people from making the risky sea voyage to Australia from Indonesia.

Russia Again Warns Against Foreign Military Intervention In Syria

Russia and China have repeatedly rejected moves by the United Nations Security Council to pressure Bashar al-Assad.

Iran Claims Six New Weapon Upgrades

Last month, Iran claimed it successfully test-fired medium-range missiles that are capable of hitting Israel.

Syrian Bloodshed Spills Over Into Lebanon

Assad is a member of the Shia Alawite minority of Syria, which rules over a predominantly Sunni populace.

Car Bomb Kills 7 In Heavily Kurdish Southeastern Turkey

Ankara believes that the Damascus regime may be supplying arms to PKK.

Chinese Factory Workers Attack German TV Crew

Irate Chinese workers shouted "kill the foreign spies."

UN Ends Observer Mission In Syria

Continued violence across Syria has made it almost impossible for the mission to remain.

Syrian Vice President Defects: Report

The statement was read by a man idenitifed as a relative of al-Shara.