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By Vittorio Hernandez | March 15, 2012 9:30 PM PDT

Education authorities in Australia rolled out on Friday an anti-bullying Web site that offers to children and parents fact on bullying and tips on how to deal with it.

The Bullying No Way! Portal (www,bullyingnoway.gov.au) features a choose-you-own adventure game that teaches student ways to deal with bullying and offers moderate for a where the kids could talk about their problems with fellow children. It could be found at www.bullyingnoway.gov.au.

"School communities are working hard to make school environments safer, more supportive and respectful for all young people and adults - places where everyone is free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence," Western Australia Education Minister Elizabeth Constable said in a statement.

The Web site, which was launched by the Council of Australian Education Ministers, will also make available an iPhone app called Take A Stand that will grant students access to information about bullying and ways to deal with the school problem.

Federal Education Minister Peter Garrett disclosed that 25 per cent of Australia in students are victims of cyberbullying which is also a growing concern in the country.

"In the cyber world, it's much easier for people to be involved in bullying without being identified in a physical way.... Bullying is not acceptable by phone, online, through Facebook or other social media sites," Mr Garrett said on Friday at the Mascot Primary School in Sydney.

Australian Medical Association President Dr Steve Hambleton added that cyberbullying causes more harm than traditional playground bullying.

"Cyberbullying doesn't stop at three o'clock in the afternoon when school finishes. It keeps going," he warned.

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