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By Vijaykumar Meti | February 13, 2013 3:44 AM PST

Canada is one of the top countries in the world that are most affected by malware and phishing in the growing world of cyber-crime, according to a report  called 2013 Threat Report by San Diego-based security vendor, Websense Security Labs.

Canada is listed on 10th place in the list of malware hosting offenders and eighth in the list of countries which are victimized by hackers, while the United States tops both lists.

"There are no legal requirements to do so, as far as I know, anywhere in the world," said Patrick Runald, security research director of Websense.

"If you're Bell Canada . . . that might be difficult to do, but I'm confident there are ways to do it. That would be a great step if hosting providers actively looked for that malicious content," he added.

Canada is the third among top countries for phishing scams followed by the United States and Bahamas. They target internet users with lawful-looking mails, hoping the user will download or unintentionally open the program which gives access to hackers.

 "The one thing that really stands out to me, and unfortunately it's not really that different from other years, but cyber-crime is getting a lot worse," said Runald. "It is big business. . . . Everyone has to really up the game in terms of protecting the infrastructure that is the Internet."

The report says, the number of website infected with malware is increased by 600 percent globally between 2011 an 2012 and in North America by 720 percent, while 85 percent of those sites are hosted on legitimate web servers. The most common websites that have been targeted include shopping, travel and business websites.

The federal government is thinking at creating an in-house cloud network to reduce number of data centers around the country and also to reduce the need to carry data on portable data device, which federal workers have lost in recent months, says Montreal Gazette.

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