The Fast and the Furious franchise have delivered some of the best car selections around. As the movie series continues to bring successful returns, makers of the film announced a seventh installment is coming underway. more

India's Hindustan Ambassador car, which was once considered a status symbol in the sub-continent, is crowned the world's best taxi at global automotive programme Top Gear. more

The Audi R8 has successfully carved its own niche some people has even considered it as the “sickest car” in the world. While some people in industry feel the R8 is just a way for the company to amortize the costs of the Lamborghini Gallardo – it is impossible to deny the Audi R8. more

Michael Bay and his team are gearing up for Transformers 4. Production of the fourth installment of the movie franchise has started and the director was generous enough to provide a sneak peak – two new Autobots and Optimus Prime’s new look. more

India's auto market has been reeling under a sluggish demand over the past couple of years. The market deceleration which emanated last year has been making a pungent brunt on the Indian auto sector. This year too the automobile market is savoring the bittersweet. more

Luxury car maker Skoda has introduced a special edition of its Yeti compact crossover christened as Skoda Yeti Laurin & Klement. more

The past year was a mixed bag for India's automobile market as vehicles sales went through periods of decline and growth. more

The 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show kick-started on November 30 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and will continue till December 9, giving auto manufacturers the stage to showcase their products to the world. Check out cars at 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. more

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