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Obama Administration Scores Point In Fight To Keep Indefinite Detention Powers

A federal judge has halted a recent court ruling that sharply questioned the federal government's power to indefinitely detain terror suspects -- but the issue won't be solved until later this month at the earliest.

Election 2012

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Romney's '47 Percent' Stumble: Why It May Not Be A Big Deal

Romney's "47 percent" gaffe is unquestionably an egregious one. But it also affirms, however crudely, a central narrative that Romney -- and indeed the entire Republican Party -- is trying to sell.

Chicago teachers walk the picket line outside Anthony Overton School in Chicago

Deal Or No Deal? Chicago Teachers' Union To Meet On Contract, Ending Strike

Chicago teachers and students could be back in the classroom soon, as union delegates meet Tuesday to review a deal, possibly ending the strike.

LSU Bomb Threat

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LSU Bomb Threat: No Explosives Found, Classes Resume

All is back to normal at Louisiana State University after a bomb threat received Monday morning forced a campus-wide evacuation. No explosives were found.

Terry Williams

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Clemency Denied For Pennsylvania Inmate Who Killed His Alleged Sexual Abuser

Terry Williams, who killed his sexual abuser, is scheduled to die by lethal injection on Oct. 3.

Occupy Wall Street

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Occupy Wall Street Returns To Zuccotti Park, Without Tents

Occupy Wall Street returned to the Zuccotti Park in a Monday celebration of the movement's one-year anniversary. And while the occasion was replete with the drums, banners and heated political discussions that pervaded Zuccotti a year ago, it seemed unlikely that another occupation was imminent.

China WTO

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US To Initiate WTO Suit Vs China, Charging Unfair Trade

President Barack Obama will launch a trade suit at the WTO against China, alleging unfair trade practices by the Chinese government to benefit its auto industry, a U.S. administration official said Monday.


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More Voters Say Democrats Are Tough On Terrorism: Poll

The poll, conducted a week before the wave of attacks on U.S. consulates in the Middle East, found voters believe Democrats are just as formidable as Republicans when it comes to protecting the U.S. from terrorism.


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With QE3 In Place, Republicans React Negatively -- But Keep Distance From Ron Paul

Ron Paul's campaign against the Federal Reserve had made some headway last summer, but even Republicans who dislike the Fed's decision to start a new round of easing aren't as drastic as him in attacking the central bank.


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Occupy Wall Street Reclaims The Streets - PHOTOS

For those of you unable to make it to the demonstration, here's a sampling of images from the revived Occupy Wall Street protests.

A generic picture of a woman working in an office.

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Ladies, You're Still Earning Less: Census Reports Gender Wage Gap Didn't Budge In 2011

Almost 50 years after the passage of the 1963 Equal Pay Act, women still take in 77 cents for each dollar earned by a man.


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IRS Ups Tax Fraud Fight With $104M Record Payment To Whistleblower

A banker who went to prison for helping clients avoid taxes, cheating the U.S. government of revenue, is now out free and very, very rich, thanks to his help fighting the tax evasion he previously assisted in.

US Food Stamp Program

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Record US Food Stamp Use May Give Republicans An Opening

Almost 50 million Americans, about one in six, used food stamps in June. Republicans who say President Barack Obama has led more Americans to rely on government help may find the bad news helps them.

The Top 5 Most Indebted States In The US

From Economy

The Top 5 Indebted States In The US

America's 50 state governments owe a total of $4.19 trillion, including outstanding bonds, unfunded pension commitments and budget gaps. Here's a look at the top five states with the heaviest debt burdens in the country.

Buzz Flag

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What We've Left On The Moon: Flags, Space Probes, Golf Balls And Statues

If the Chinese bring a flag to plant when they land on the moon in 2013, they won't be the first: American astronauts on the Apollo missions have planted six flags already. And according to recent scientific observations, five of them still stand upright.

Climate Change

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Climate Change Denier Concludes Global Warming Is Real, Caused By Humans

A study led by a former climate change skeptic concludes that man-made greenhouse emissions have contributed to the planet's rising temperature.

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