3 Confirmed Galaxy Note 4 Features on Sept 2014 Release Date: Curved Display, New Form Factor & Premium Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date is more likely set on September 2014 – that is if Samsung will stick to its existing calendar for the original phablet.

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook Speaks About the New iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retnia Display During an Apple Event in San Francisco

Apple Release Roundup: Affordable iMac Coming Soon, Bright Spots and New Retina MacBook Airs

Apple has gone against the tide for many years sticking to premium products and prices. Whereas the majority of industry participants chose to offer more afford...

8 GB iPhone 5c Rolls Out to More Countries, 'Flop' iPhone 5c Outsold Others in Q4

Apple's price cut lower-storage 8 GB iPhone 5c has now rolled out to other countries. It is currently available in over 15 countries.

Lumia 930

Glance And MicroSD 'Missing' in Nokia Lumia 930; Lumia 930 And Lumia 1020 Compared

Nokia has recently unveiled Lumia 930, its latest flagship, which is a slim and stylish Lumia Icon smartphone variant.


Moto X+1 May Come in Various Colors, With 25-Option Leather Backplates

Moto X successor, apparently dubbed as "Moto X+1," is set to be released in various colors, according to a reputable source. Also, it might be sold with leather backplates in 25 options.

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